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Policy Analysis I Paper

By Lifefg Aug 13, 2011 1332 Words
Policy Analysis I Paper
Illegal immigration is a major issue that the United States and has been for many years and continues to be an issue. Illegal immigration is the migration of foreign citizen into the United Stated. These men and women enter this country do not meet the legal requirements needed to migrate into this country. Policy makers have gone different directions before an issues turns into a policy. Immigration policies have been in effect for many years and for many years it has been scrutinized ever since their exception. Immigration today and yesterday has been a major problem regardless of polices set in place for it. The illegal immigrates are violating the laws of jurisdiction of the state in, which he or she is illegally entering. Illegal immigrates are usually poor people , which are seeking better opportunities in a country developed, unlike the one he or she is departing.

Illegal immigrants cause a huge impact to the United States economical, social, political, and ethical issues. This is why there needs to be a more productive policy or law in place to stop illegal immigrants from entering this country. Illegal immigrates are restricted from entering this country without the visa, which is the proper documentation. In the following essay illegal immigration will be described. In addition, whether the policy is a regulatory or legislative-initiated policy and who initiated the policy. Last, is there a constitutional issue with the illegal immigration policy and how will the issue or policy affects the community, the accused, and the victims if any.

Texas a states in, which there is a major immigration problem. Texas population grew 12% from 2000 to 2006, and 26% was directly contributed to immigrants. The illegal alien population in 2005 at 1,618,000, which ranks 2nd in the United States. This amount is about 55% above the United States government estimate of 1, 041, 000 in 2000, and 269% above the 1990 estimate of 438,000. According to The Heritage Foundation (2006), "[Illegal immigration into the United States is massive in scale. More than 10 million undocumented aliens currently reside in the U.S., and that population is growing by 700,000 per year. On one hand, the presence of so many aliens is a powerful testament to the attractiveness of America. On the other hand, it is a sign of how dangerously open our borders are]”(The Real Problem, Para. 1). The main issue is not immigration, but the illegal aspect of it all.

The illegal immigration is a major issue in the United States that affects everyone in one way or another. According to Fair (2011), "Illegal aliens are divided into two categories; those who crossed the border illegally and those who entered with visas as nonimmigrant’s and stayed illegally” (How did Illegal Aliens Arrive: Without Inspection or With Visas?, Para. 1). There is millions of Americans are presently unemployed or in danger of becoming unemployed. American Labor Unions are in place to help these American; however, the opposite is occurring these unions are lobbying with Congress to grant illegal immigrants amnesty and to stop enforcing laws that stop employers from hiring illegal workers. This is an issue for Americans who are Citizens of the United States. According to Greek Politics (2008), "[The problem with illegal immigrants is not that they are here using our resources. The problem is that they are using our resources without contributing anything. America as a country was completely built on immigrants. There is nothing wrong with the idea of immigration.

The problem comes when people do it illegally. They use our hospitals and our schools without paying taxes or getting health insurance. Now for the surprise, we should continue to let them use our hospitals and schools]” (2 Ways to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem, Para. 1). Basically, the issue that American citizens are viewing is that immigrates are benefiting from health care, education, and other public services without giving anything in return. Many hospitals are going bankrupted and as for schools there are larger class sizes and not enough money to supply the large class of students.

Americans citizens just want everything to be done illegally so that everyone puts in the same amount if work for the benefits being rendered. In addition, there are many illegal immigrants who should have been deported or stopped from entering the country. Having done so could have stopped numinous accounts of criminal activity. Crimes like unlicensed illegal immigrants who hit-and run, rap children and adults and escape back to his or her country. According to The American Legion (2010), "[The security, economy, and social fabric of the United States of America are seriously threatened by individuals who are illegally in this country. They are undocumented, live in the shadows of society and by failing to assimilate into our culture divide America into ethnic conclaves]” (Situation Analysis, Para. 1).

Immigration for many years have provided people who are less fortunate with jobs, and the confidence he or she needs to survive in this great country. The policies in the United States for immigration have multiple reasons for its existence. The purposes for which are outlined within the policy are true, and straight to the point. This country has afforded the immigrants some of the best chances they have for survival by allowing him or her entry into this country. First goal is intended is to extend the right for families that already have members here to be reunited with them. Second goal is to allow workers with specific skills, and to provide employment for areas , which are suffering labor shortages. Third goal is to provide refuge for people who are facing political, racial, and religious persecution in their own country. Final goal is to provide diversity for immigrants from countries that do not have high number of immigrants. Immigrants always have been a major player in the agricultural business in the Southwestern United States working as farmers. Immigrants have always paid more in taxes than they have received in government services. Immigrants are very hard working people who have high ambitions, and they know they have to work to get it. Immigrants in most cases are standing around waiting for a handout. Immigration can be a very tricky subject when dealing with it according to the Constitution. Immigrants face profiling or stereotyping every day while trying to be successful in their attributes. Immigrants no matter where they are from or how long they have been in this country they never get the chance to live normally without the fear of discrimination. It does seem to matter where the immigrant is from or why he or she are here he or she still seem to face discrimination. If an individual sits back, and watch the realm of society he or she tends to treat the immigrant groups with a completely different demeanor than people of this country. In summary, immigration is a vital function to this country because of what this country was founded upon. This country was founded on the principles that this is a free democratic country where everyone can go the way each chooses. Each person who has the privilege of living in this country has been exposed to working or living with the immigrants. The one good thing that needs to come from immigration is that everyone deserves the same privileges whether he or she are naturalized citizens are legal immigrants.

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