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Police Operations
During the early 1900s law enforcement was made up of two different functions patrolling and investigating crimes. The patrol officer would patrol the community he was assigned to on foot, which made him have direct contact with the individuals in the community. The detectives would investigate the illegal crimes that were committed. In today’s society policing dangers there first concern is how they can improve the safety measures for officers. In today’s society with the use of modern technology has become worldwide in securing America’s boarders and every day policing duties. Policing has significant measures to aid officer today these measures are databases, computer ran dispatch, records management system, and mobile computing. Both Home land security and law enforcement need to work together. It is imperative that both home land security and law enforcement share information and departmental assistance. Law enforcement’s role in this is to be peace keepers, community outreach professionals, and to make sure that they are trained in antiterrorism.

Today’s law enforcement agencies throughout the United States are active in numerous of activities and operations, which law enforcement faces at some point during their career. Police officers greatest danger that they face is physical harm while they are working out in the community. Police officers are taught to measure every circumstance and situation that they go into. Even though they have been taught how to handle these situations there added dangers, such as the lack of sufficient backup from their fellow officers or a situation in which the regular police procedures can escalate quickly. There are also dangers related to stress from the job and personal issues that can also affect a police officer’s life. After 9/11 law enforcement throughout the United States made tremendous advancements in protecting the communities from terrorist attacks, they have also had to make adjustments and sacrifices so that they can prepare the communities form future terrorist attacks. Local law enforcement is the community’s first response to the communities fear and dangers. In emergency situations law enforcement is the first one to respond, and they need to be prepared for any situation that can occur. Law enforcement needs to have the resources to prepare themselves and the community from threats, fears, and any potential dangers from crime and terrorist attacks that may happen in their community while they are working. Law enforcement needs the proper funding so that they can continue protecting the communities that they work in.

Today’s law enforcement agencies have the equipment that helps control offenders. In instances which, the offender is considered harmless law enforcement uses nonlethal weapons. Nonlethal weapons include pepper spray, Tasers, and pepper bomb give police officers the advantages over the offender. Tasers are weapons are meant to be used as a last resort against offenders. There have been cases in which officers have used a Taser when it has been warranted. The next tool that hey use is the Orcutt Police Nunchaku III that is similar to num-chucks (OPN III). The OPN III is less damaging than num-chucks because it does not break bones. Pepper spray is also used by law enforcement. This type of nonlethal force helps control the offender. The drawback of using pepper spray is that it can affect other individuals within the same area as the offender. There is also another less than lethal weapon used and this weapon is the pepper ball that lets the agent be used from a distance instead of being near the offender. Law enforcements use of nonlethal weapons is there first attempt at trying to restrain the offender instead of using physical force.

Technology in policing has increased over the years. This has affected law enforcement tremendously over the years. This has affected law enforcement tremendously over the years. Law...

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