Policing Trends and Issues

Topics: Police, Constable, Law enforcement Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: July 5, 2012
Flores Mayra
CRJS- 111 Introduction to Policing
Key Graded Assignment - Policing Trends and Issues
Westwood College of School of Justice
Mr. Chandler
June, 2012

Part- I Policing Research
* History and roles of law enforcement in society.
During the history of Law Enforcement the duty of police is to maintain order, dealing with lawbreakers. At the same time, citizens were responsible for protecting themselves and maintaining an orderly society. With the pass of the time, throughout the Law Enforcement field, organized police department have change dramatically. In addition, the modern style police departments did not appear until the fourteenth century in France and nineteenth century in England. Moreover, the first police officers were Praetorian Guard, who was a select group of highly qualified members of the military established by the Roman emperor Augustus to protect him and his palace. During the 1829, Sir Robert Peel credited with establishing the first English police department which was the London Metropolitan Police. At the same time, during the seventeenth century English policing system also used a form of individual, private police known them also like the Thief-takers. The Thief-Takers were private English citizens with no official status who were paid by the king for every criminal they arrested. The roles of law enforcement in society are criminal apprehension, conviction, and crime prevention. Throughout the history and roles of law enforcement many things have changed for example the treatment and punishments for offenders. In the past offenders were treat as animals and slaves, because while in prison they cannot communicate each other, during meal, and work. Moreover, during that time they have very strict rules, such as silent obedience, discipline, and labor, which they have to follow, and many offenders died inside of the prison as a result of brutal treatment. Now, offenders receive a different treatments and punishments, they...
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