Policing in American Society

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Policing In American Society Paper
Darlene Union
CJ 214
April 11, 2011
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Paul Frankenhauser
Policing In American Society Paper
The policing and the U. S. government organization relationship is one where the policing organization have rules and guidelines set by the government that they must always follow in order to run a well organize system. The governments have and impact of the policing organization. The Federal and the State are the two level of policing in the United States. The FBI is like the federal organization, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Drug Administrations. Article 1 section 8 of the US Constitution gives the organization the authorization which ensures Congress’ power to relate taxes and interstate commerce. Criminals which are pursue by the FBI most likely have cross the county or state boundaries. The laws on substances are enforced by the DEA that have tax ban on them.

The State level has three sub-levels of police: The State Trooper, County Sheriff and the local police. Did you know that our State Trooper is known as the highway patrol and our State Police? They have Jurisdiction across the broad mainly patrolling areas and projects that are maintained and operated by other states agencies, such as government building and the highways. The county jails are maintain by the sheriffs and they also patrol the unincorporated areas not within the city limits) within a county which provides services to the cities who contact the department dealing with the Sheriff as the local police. As me being from California the San Bernardino County has what you may call a search and rescue team. The city limits are patrol by the city and local police. The state’s penal code is followed by ever state policing organization. County Sheriff’s also enforce the county mandates. The county mandates are followed by both the...
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