police suicide-homicide

Topics: Police, Constable, Police officer Pages: 3 (683 words) Published: October 25, 2013
An investigation into how spousal relationships affect the temperament of police officers at a Police Station in urban St. James. CHAPTER 1
The increasing number of incidents that has been reported recently of Police Officers shooting their spouses and some attempting suicides has raised questions in the minds of many Jamaicans. This issue is of immense concern for stakeholders of the Jamaican society since these individuals have been selected, trained and empowered with authority and weaponry to serve and protect the citizens of our country. Now, if they are not psychologically well then this could tremendously affect their temperament, thus the manner in which simple to complex tasks are executed on a daily basis. This investigation is vital to discover some of the issues that may have affected the temperament of Police Officers along with ways in which these could be corrected, managed or eradicate. BACKGROUND

(Optional) The temperament of Police Officers has been an issue over the years, and has spread far and wide geographically. Violanti studied homicide-suicides perpetrated by police officers against their families. The results suggest that the incidence of homicide-suicide among police officers and their families is increasing. Almost all cases of police family homicide-suicide were committed with the police service firearm (Eliason, 2013). Murphy (2011) wrote, He was calm when he made the call to his police department less than twenty four hours ago, "I won't be here when you get here" in the same sentence, and asked for a supervisor and paramedics to come to the home. The veteran Birmingham, Alabama detective had already used his service revolver to murder his wife, Uteva Monique Wilson, twenty three (23), and mother of two (2) small children who were in another room. After he ended the call with his unit, the detective ended his own life. Evidence has revealed that Jamaica has had its fair share of this...
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