Police Stress

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In policing today the police profession is commonly known as the most stressful of professions. There are many factors that can cause stress in policing. Four of these stressors are external stress, organizational stress, personal stress, and operational stress.

External stress is a type of stress that can be caused by things such as real threats and dangers during any shift on a police force. Some examples of this stress can include anything from the public’s lack of support to traffic issues. These are only two good examples of what can happen. On the job external stress can have a negative impact on how a police officer performs their regular duties. Working long hours can cause extreme fatigue on a personal level.

Organizational stress can be described as a stress that happens in the place of work. Often times a police officer can get stressed from offensive policies and procedures, too much paperwork, and poor training. This stress can happen in places such as a courtroom or in the police department and when a police officer finds themselves dealing with organizational stress they are often less efficient on the job.

The third stress for police officers is personal stress. Everyone at some point in their life is faced with a personal stressful event that affects their work and family. Police officers that face a lot of personal stress can become less focused at work, exhausted from lack of sleep, and possibly more hostile than necessary on the job. At home they may become more distant with family members, miss family events, or get divorced.

The fourth and final type of stress among police officers is operational stress. The meaning of operational stress is the need to deal with all of the obstacles that come their way during their routine day. It can be very stressful to know every day that there is a possibility of getting shot at, going on police chases or just having to deal with a hostile public.

Police officers will find...
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