Police Search Warrant

Topics: Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Computer, File system, Child pornography, Neighbourhood / Pages: 4 (817 words) / Published: Feb 17th, 2013
Police Search warrant
Detective Lisa Ivory swears under oath that the facts expressed by her in this search warrant and Affidavit. and in the attached and incorporated statement of probable cause are true and that based thereon, she has probable cause to believe that property and/or person described below is lawfully seizable pursuant to Penal Code Section 1524 as indicated below, and is how located set forth below. Wherefore,
The people of the State of California to any Sheriff, Police Officer or peace officer in the County of Los Angeles proof by affidavit having been made before me by Lisa Ivory. That there is probable cause to believe that the property and/or person describe herein may be found at the location set forth herein and is lawfully pursuant to Penal Code Section 1524. This search warrant is for the search of the premises and computer equipment of Jaxon Alexander McArthur and / or any other person at 1945 Skyland Acres Dr., Los Angeles, California, 37201-5545, to also include any vehicles located at said address. Records indicate that Jaxon Alexander McArthur and Angelica Samson currently reside at this address.

For the Following Property:
Items to be seized, but not limited to the following items:
a. Computers, and computer related storage media including hard drives, CD disks, DVD disks, flash drives, memory sticks, iPods, personal digital assistants (PDA), flash media, diskettes, and other magnetic, electronic, or optical media.
b. Records evidencing the use of a private network including screen names, filenames, digital pictures, dates/times of posted images, IP connection information related to postings.
c. Graphic files (including format extensions .JPG, .GIF, .TIF, .AVI, and .MPG) as well as the data contained within the aforesaid objects relating to said materials used, or that may be used, to visually depict child pornography or child erotica.
d. Computer programs or software capable of viewing graphic files.

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