Police Patrol

Topics: Higher education, Education, Academic degree Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Julio Guzman
Adm. of Justice
A Badge and a Baccalaureate
Police patrol has been going on for many centuries. Through time its ways, laws, and purpose has dramatically change for the better or worse. Its goal to achieve being an officer has stricken and its brains have broadened such as educational requirements and much more . The differences and knowledge have come into action and the opinions of many have been brought into consideration. One of the ways data for this article was collected was through the Police Services Study (PSS). The objective of the PSS was to compare the delivery of police services under different institutional arrangements. It examined twenty-four different police departments in three metropolitan areas such as Rochester, St. Louis, and Tampa-St. Petersburg. The Police Services Study also made it possible to measure officers’ educational backgrounds in three different ways: 1) Years of formal education 2) Number of college credits earned 3) Highest earned degree. Out of the three, the highest earned degree is the most important because it can provide a rough indication of the nature of the curriculum to which the officer was exposed. Throughout this article, it has clearly showed us that education has been a big role in becoming a police officer. Although some people may think education has no impact in the way the officer does its job, other people and I do. For example, Hence believes that higher education for police maintain implicitly or explicitly that will improve the quality of policing partly by shaping the behavior, attitudes, and values of the officer. However, as for Miller and Fry, they believe that education has no positive effect on an officers’ “public service orientation”. Hudzik also reports that education bears a negative and statistically significant relationship to job satisfaction. To counterattack their argument, Manning and Walker say that officers with a college degree have more positive attitudes towards legal...
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