Police Organization

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Police Organization

The function of policing is to provide overall public safety. The goal is to deter and prevent crime by immobilizing police units. There are various types of police agencies at the local, state, and federal level. The United States has one of the most complex law enforcement systems because of the various levels of their policing agencies. Within the United States, each state, city, county, town, and incorporated village has its own policing agency. Although there are various policing agencies, the structural organization is similar because all law enforcement agencies have the same objective. The organizations of the policing agencies are hierarchical. “Police institutions can be analyzed like organizations with several key components” (Alvarado, 2008, p1). They are designed with rank structure, separate departments and units. These components work together to form a fully functioning law enforcement agency. There are various types of local agencies. Examples of local agencies are city, county, town, and incorporated village police. These agencies work to ensure safety at the local level. There are many different roles and functions of the local police agencies. Local police enforcement is responsible for performing many routine activities. These duties include, patrolling the neighborhood community, enforcing the law, providing emergency services, conducting investigations, and upholding community relations. Local police “are not responsible for enforcing the law out of their jurisdiction” (Congressional Digest, 1965, p229). Therefore, assistant is needed at a higher level. At the state level there are also various agencies. These agencies include state and port authority police. State police agencies have many roles to help carry out the law. State agencies are responsible for keeping the area within the state safe. State agencies are also in charge of up keeping the safety and security of our highways and states parks....
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