Police Operation Chapter 6 and 7

Topics: Domestic violence, Abuse, Crime Pages: 4 (1355 words) Published: September 6, 2010
Police Operations Test #3 Chapter 6 & 7
Crime Mapping- This technology gives agencies nationwide the Intel to efficiency deploy officers to prevent crime. GIS- Geographic information systems a fancy term for creating, updating and analyzing computerized maps. 3)Responding to Calls about Crime and Disorder- How police officers respond to calls about committed crimes depends on several important variables. What specific crime is involved

Is the crime still in progress?
How many suspects are involved?
Are weapons involved?
Is there a danger to the police?
Could a hostage situation develop?
How many officers are needed to respond?
How many officers are available?
Where are they?
4) Responsibilities of officers responding to a call regarding a criminal act include: Arriving as rapidly, yea as safely, as possible.
Caring for any injured people at the scene.
Apprehending any suspects at the scene.
Securing the scene.
Conducting a preliminary investigation.

5) Securing the crime scene- The first officer to arrive on the crime scene from unauthorized intrusion or others contamination: “Controlling, identifying and removing persons at the crime scene and limiting the number of persons who enter the crime scene and the movement of such persons is an important function of the initial responding officers in protecting the crime scene”. 6) Preliminary Investigations- The preliminary investigation of a crime involves on the scene interviews of victims and witnesses, interrogation of suspects and a search of the scene itself. 7) Collective Efficacy- Cohesion among neighborhood residents combined with shared expectations for informal social control of public space.” 8)Civil Disobedience- Consists of breaking a law to prove a point or to protest something. Civil disobedience occurs daily around the world, from the fight against apartheid in South Africa, to the quest for autonomy of ethnic groups in...
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