Police on the Dark Side

Topics: Police, Police brutality, Chicago Police Department Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Police on the Dark Side

One can say that corruption, misconduct, and brutality are issues that exist in police agencies across the country. With power comes responsibility, which is a trait that he or she would assume that every officer would have, but with an undisciplined mind power and authority can be terribly abused. Police corruption can be defined as “acts” involving the misuse of authority by a police officer in a manner designed to produce personal gain for him or for others(Walker & Katz, Chapter 13: Police Corruption, 2011). Though a police officer is paid fairly decent, there is much temptation to entice an officer in becoming corrupt. With a given scenario, hands full of officers have a warrant to enter a house suspected of possessing drugs. During search and seizure over a half million dollars is discovered along with 10 kilos of Cocaine. A responsible officer turns in every last dollar and ounce of drugs, Where in when the in the mind of a corrupted officer he or she see it fit to partially to submit evidence, looking at his or her own person gain in the situation. At this point it is an inordinate matter of misconduct at hand where the officer is behaving in an improper or unprofessional manner. As I stated before an officer is paid fairly decent, I can also argue that in some agencies officers are underpaid and overworked. This sometimes causes the officer to be more reluctant in conforming into a corrupt individual.

In 2009 four officers of the Chicago police were charged in what was believed a Special Operations Section scandal. When you think about the authority of the police, they are very powerful individuals who are respected by all and are feared by most on the other side of the law. Within operation the group was accused of making false arrests, committing robberies, and home invasions for several years, acting under the guise of busting street gangs and rounding up guns (Heinzmann, 2009). This was a high sophisticated...

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