Police Officer Candidates and Essays

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All police officer candidates should be required to complete an essay detailing a hypothetical situation, with acceptable responses, to an emergency or otherwise sensitive situation. To ensure that what is seen and observed can accurately be conveyed in writing accompanied by express details.

To have a candidate detail a hypothetical situation in the form of an essay may assist in sharpening the mind and directing it to details that just may go unnoticed by leaning and relying on the memory or voice recording or video recordings. When a police candidate becomes accustomed to writing out reports in the form of an essay more thought is giving to details that may justify the accused or convict the unjust. Requesting a candidate to submit an essay on a hypothetical event is the promotion of excellence. It is comforting to know that I am in the midst of public servants that have and hold superb oral as well as writing skills.

Emergencies demand good details if there are to be acceptable and favorable solutions. If police candidates were required to write essays of emergencies encountered it would without any shadow of a doubt make such a person more thoughtful and attentive to details. When encountering emergencies of any kind the last thing on the mind is details, but details can be the doorway between life and death. It has been my experience that after any accident or emergency there is the need to recall exactly what happened and how it happened.

The police officer’s job is demanding, and no other job outside the security forces demands so many skills and abilities, and requests such demanding work. Physical fitness is essential, but mental agility and ability is supreme to be an outstanding police officer. Good writing skills are fundamental for the making of an excellent officer, which is why I believe that a police officer candidate should be required to write an essay.

There is no doubt that training to become a law...
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