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Name:_____________________________________ Section:_______________

Your Dream Job Assignment will be a 4-part project…

▪ My Ideal Job Profile (15 points)
▪ Written Reflection (40 points)
▪ Career Project (20 points)
▪ Business Card (15 points)

Written Reflection
40 points

The written reflection is a 5 paragraph essay (each paragraph should contain at least 3 sentences) that must answer the following questions:

1. Introduction
• Paragraph 1: What job did you choose and why?
2. Body
• Paragraph 2: How does this career fit (or does not fit) your intelligence (Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences)? How does this career fit (or does not fit) your personality type? – Refer to your GREEN PACKET! • Paragraph 3: What can you do now to prepare for this career? Include classes you can take in high school (from the “My Ideal Job Profile” Work Sheet), a summer job that you could work, etc. • Paragraph 4: Compare your earnings from your career with the money you spent on your “Ideal Lifestyle” collage in a year. Can you afford to live your dream life? How will your ideal life differ from your life with your chosen career? 3. Conclusion

• Paragraph 5: Do you think you’ll enjoy this career after researching it and why (or why not)?

This written reflection needs to be:
Times New Roman (12 pt font)

Career Project
20 points

This portion of the project is how you will display the information that you learned. Use your worksheet, My Ideal Job Profile with the following information: 1. Job Title
2. Job Description (IN DETAIL!)
3. Income
4. Training/Education (IN DETAIL!)
5. Working Conditions

You may choose how you do this part of the project. This can be done on the computer (in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher) or by hand. Some ideas include: ▪ A formal written report (Microsoft Word)

▪ Creating a “help wanted” section of the newspaper (Microsoft Publisher) ▪ Creating a brochure to advertise your career (Microsoft Publisher) ▪ Creating a video/DVD to advertise your career ▪ Creating a PowerPoint presentation

i. To print your presentation:
1. Go to FILE
2. Select PRINT

If you have another idea for presenting your information, please see me. (Be sure to include your name somewhere on your project!)

Business Card
15 points

To create your business card - go into Microsoft Publisher and select BUSINESS CARD. The following information must be included: ▪ Your first and last name (1 pt)
▪ Your Profession (and/or name of your business) (2pts) ▪ Your business address - #, street, city, state, zip code (2 pts) ▪ Your business phone number (2 pts)
▪ Your business e-mail address (2pts)
▪ Your business fax number (2 pts)
▪ Slogan (a sample slogan is from McDonalds, “I’m lovin’ it”) (2 pts) ▪ Logo (graphic) (2 pts)
To print out your business card go to:
File (Print (Change copies per sheet ( print multiple copies per sheet (OK Written Reflection Rubric (40 points)
| |Focus (x2) |Content (x2) |Conventions (x2) | |Advanced |Addresses the 6 questions throughout the writing |There are many specific details that fully|Writing has few spelling errors | |(4 points) |Purpose of the writing task is clear |develop the topic |Writing has few punctuation errors...
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