Police Misconduct

Topics: Marriage, Human rights, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Hamza G Case study: married to a murderer FIDO= Facts issues Decisions Opinions
1.In 1998, Heather Ennis applied for manger the Elks Club in Prince Albert Saskatchewan and received the position 2. She started her work on July 15th and worked approximately to July 24th 3.She took 3 days off work to see her husband

4.She met her husband through a friend of a friend
5.They had a strong established relationship
6.Which led to their marriage
7.He was convicted for 6 count of secondary murder
The issue in this case there was a girl named Heather Ennis who worked at Elks Club as manger she been worked with them from July 15th to July 24th. Then on the 26th of July she takes off 3 days to see her husband who was convicted for 6 murder charges and without parole for 25 years, so he was pretty much was in jail for a sentence of life. Then the article talks about how she meets the guy, Heather Ennis meets this guy off a friend of a friend. That’s how they both established a relationship and over a time period they got serious about this relationship and results in them getting married while he remained incarcerated. On July 26th Heather goes to the prison to visit her husband as she went in a member of the elks club who worked at the prison noticed her. I believe when he noticed the fact that Elks Club hired a woman who was married to David Ennis the man who was convicted of murder. The Board of the club had a meeting on the 29th the day when she was suppose to return back to work, they have made a decision about her termination. Heather Ennis didn’t even received any reasons for her termination, and there was also no evidence that she did anything wrong to get terminated. Later Heather Ennis believed the reason for her termination was because she was married to David Ennis. In this article she arguing the fact if they are allowed to fire her because she is married to a...
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