Police Interview

Topics: Police, Law, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: December 3, 2014
 Manuel Morales
Professor Koch
Corrections 103
October 30, 2014
For my interview I decided to interview Officer Jose Plasencia, corporal of San Bernardino community college district police department. After interviewing corporal Plasencia, I found that he chose law enforcement as a career because of the lost prevention services that he was involved while he worked for Stater Bros. Corporal Plasencia stated, that he likes helping his community and apprehending those people that do unlawful things to other people. While being involved in the lost prevention events he was attending college, he then graduated with an associate’s degree in criminal justice. Upon graduating corporal Plasencia went into the academy and then later applied at San Bernardino community college district police department. I then asked corporal Plasencia what his impressions where about retaliation from suspects whom he has arrested and later encountered in public. Officer Plasencia said it is something that is obviously in the back of your mind but it is not something you focus on because it will not allow you to do your job affectively. You should only worry about the court process taking its place and you taking extra precaution to ensure your safety and not worry about retaliation because you are doing the right thing. I then asked corporal Plasencia is it it important to have good character and ethics in law enforcement. He responded yes, ethics and character are important in the field of law enforcement they go hand in hand. He said obviously when you encounter someone you previously arrested those encounters are not always pleasant but you have to the ethical thing which is to behave with good character and not let them get to you and preceded with caution. Reason being is because you are suppose be the ones to set a good example and the one to uphold the law and those who up hold the law must be able to look above all things that could influence them to behave poorly....
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