Police History

Topics: Police, Robert Peel, Constable Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Police History

Police History
Police history plays a big role in today’s police stations today. When we think about policing we think about what we see on TV and all the police shows and movies that are all out now. But in reality it is not really like that. Policing dates all the way back to the early times with Great Britain and their soldiers they had to protect the queens and kings and protect society from thieves. Sir Robert Peel was a man who created nine basic principles with the Metropolitan Police that we still use today. Sir Robert Peels believed in the safety of the public to keep them from any kind of harm the nine basic principles are that he believe people could exist to prevent crime, for police to perform their duties, police must secure cooperation with the public, the public must not favor the law over the other, police may use physical force, police should maintain a relationship with the public, police should direct their action towards functions, and last is to visibly see crime. He created these so that people would know what a police officer actually was. He didn’t want the police officers to be seen as a joke and have people think that they worked for nothing. The main principle that is key is for the police officer to have a relationship with the public and society. This is so that people can see and get to know the police officer so they will get to know the officer that will be working in their area. There are two types of policing in the US there is federal and state. When we look at the federal level it has to do with the top notch agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Drug Enforcements, Immigration and Border Patrol. These organizations deal with the hard crime that takes a long time to get rid of. When we look at state this all includes state trooper, country sheriff and your local or city police officer. These officers are here to protect our borders from people crossing illegally and to help keep our...

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