Police History

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Police History

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History of our modern police or law enforcement had begun about 166 years ago with the forming of London police district in 1829. By coming up with a new and improved police force, the British hoped to address the increasingly crime rate in and around the countries’ capital, as well as retain rapid urban growth, poverty, immigration, etc. The very first chief of the London Police was Sir Robert Peel and has been the traditional model for British and American police force. There are principles that Sir Robert Peel abides by and they included the use of crime rate to determine on how effective police officers are; the great importance of a centrally located, publicly accessible police headquarters; and the big value of correct recruitment and training. Sir Robert Peel’s very first principle was the basic mission for which the police exist is to prevent disorder and or crime. He also established the police force and for others knows as “Bobbies”. Bobbies as a form of patrolling the streets performed the intros of beats.

There are many different types of policing organizations in the United States that have different roles and functions at the state, local, and federal level. Those roles will fall under responsibilities and the operational strategies. Even though the federal government may be compared to the state and local organizations, there are differences in the role of a federal employee. For example, FBI, DEA and Homeland security are federal agencies and their employees are able to make an arrest in any state or county with no jurisdiction as well as most of the Federal agencies do not provide basic services of protection and criminal investigation (Walker and Katz, 2008, pg76). That makes the difference makers from the state and local organizations. State troopers and highway patrol officers are employed by the state. This means that a highway patrolmen or state trooper cannot make an arrest outside their...

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