Police Hiring Process

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List and discuss the different phases of the police hiring process. There are 100 applicants for every police officer position. In larger cities announcements for police officer positions usually generate about 1000 applicants. A civil service type of application is one of the most commonly used application process for police recruits. The application contains basic information; name, address and background information like education and experiences, some applications will even go beyond the simple stuff to ask about your criminal history information or any convictions of a criminal nature. On the application it may also ask the applicant to provide a list of references who can affirm the applicant’s reliability, honesty and other personal qualities.

Depending on the venue of the police position, it’s common for the applicant to be required to take a civil service (merit system) exam prior to applying directly to the police organization. One of the main reasons for the civil service exam is to help police personnel officers in the selection process. The civil service exam helps eliminate applicants who don’t possess the most basic qualifications; reading and writing. The civil service exam also helps put together a list of eligible candidates, so police departments can choose from it.

Determining if a candidate can physically handle the job is very important, this happens when candidates take the physical agility test. The test usually consist of a physical agility course, on this course you will probably carry a dummy, climb in and out of windows, run a mile in 8 minutes, a grip strength and a trigger pull test along with many other things. Physical traits are one of the more important aspects to the basic police qualifications.

The oral interview is a meaningful part of the selection process. The interview is conducted in front of the police review board which usually consists of 4 to 6 sworn officers along with a department personnel officer...
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