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Patrol work is not an easy task. It entails resource-intensive and time-consuming tasks undertaken by officers to ensure safety prevails. The roles and duties of patrol include going around the community, cities and states throughout the day responding to any form of crimes. They answer and respond to radio calls since they are on the ground, deal with burglar alarms, help solve disputes amongst people, care for the injured, investigate traffic accidents or report any fishy occurrences on the ground such as dumped cars. To be successful in the patrol, patrol officers employ certain strategies to deal with crime.

Preventive patrol strategy applies the time used between radio calls to prevent crime while directed patrol is aided by crime mapping and has proven that it can reduce crimes of robbery and car hijackings through targeting the crime. Aggressive patrol is another strategy used and can result to minor and serious offence arrests. Foot patrol involves officers patrolling on foot and has significantly improved citizen- police relations with time (Kleinig, 1996). Locals can easily relate with police officers due to foot patrols and can easily confide in them about criminal activities. Research reveals that fewer crimes take place in regions where the police patrol regularly. Police agencies at the local, state and federal level and their roles

The roles of police agencies are many with the most important one being public protection. The protection of citizens and their property at local, state or federal level is always a priority. Besides that law enforcement, fighting crime, public service and other special duties is also part of their roles (Ronald et al, 2009). To ensure that all duties are carried out properly, police agencies perform their duties at different levels. At the local level, the police ensure that law and order is maintained at schools, communities, hospitals and work places. The police take the initiative to talk to people and calm...
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