Police Brutality

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Police Brutality
Lakhbir Singh
Medicine Hat College

Reg Leibel
CJLS 101
November 4, 2013

Police Brutality4
Police Force Brutality4
G-20 Summit Protests5
Police Racism5
Peaceful Protests5
Background of the protests6
Law Regarding Protests and Emergencies7
Police Office-Guilty8
Activists Detained By Police10

The assignment is based on the excessive use of police force during the G-20 summit held in Canada. The excessive use of police force creates some serious problems at times. The summit meeting is held to strengthen the economic activity inG-20 nations, the main aim is to do something better for the welfare of the country. To ensure the security of the summit the police force has expensed millions of dollars and most of the people are of the view that, this is the more expensive security setup. But after the summit the people starts protests for their rights but suddenly all this has changed and a massacre has started. Some people invade in the protest and starts damaging the cars and set fire to the national assets. In order to ensure the security the police force have used every possible thing which they can do and this would injured a number of people as well as, they have also arrested more than 400 people.

Police Brutality

For a long time women and men belonging to any nationality and beliefs have been the victims of police brutality case. The main aim of police department is to provide shelter and protection to the inhabitants and this is the oath they have taken. At times, police departments fail to act on what they are required to do. Excess use of anything is not good but police departments sometimes use excessive force to handle the public. Here one thing needs to be clarified that the role of police department is crucial and is of critical importance when it comes to maintain law and enforcement in the country (Ron, 2012).

Police Force Brutality
Excessive use of police force for any reason is known as Police brutality. Excessive use of force has been witnessed in many countries of the world. Sometimes excessive use of police force is advantageous, but sometimes it is not as it creates a situation of chaos. There are a number of cases registered against the use of excessive use of police force against the public and against the law. These cases include some high profile cases like the G-20, Toronto Summit Protests. The massacre created some serious issues over the role and an accountability of the police department and their role (Allison, 2012). G-20 Summit Protests

This paper is based on the use of excessive police force in Canada.The G20 Summit was held in Toronto and is the fourth meeting G-20 Government heads with an aim to discuss the economic situation and enhance collaboration among countries. Thousands of people (protestors) marched peacefully through main city of Toronto to reveal the anger against global economic collaborations and summits but suddenly the scenario changed. Some groups came out-of-the-way and start crossing the limits the groups deviated from the programmed route and starts to set fire to a police car and smashed their windows (Colin, 2012). Police Racism

At times the police officers can be brutal towards different races. An example from the “Police Brutality” text states in mid-October 2005 a sixty-four year old retired schoolteacher had returned to New Orleans to check on many homes that had been damaged due to the natural disaster effect of Hurricane Katrina. As Davis was walking along Bourbon Street around 8:00pm he was brutally beaten up by two New Orleans police officers. The cause of the beating was clearly to do with race as Davis was black and the police officers were white (Fitzgerald, 2007). Peaceful Protests

A protest held in Montreal, Canada was attended by hundreds of thousands of people, was crowned as the "largest...

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