police brutality

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Senior speech

Do cops believe they are above the law? Police brutality is wanton use of excessive force, usually physical, but potentially in the form of verbal attacks and psychological intimidation, by police officers. (Wikipedia). Police brutality exists in many countries police brutality is one of several forms of police misconduct, which includes misconduct, false arrest; intimidation; racial profiling; and sexual abuse. Although illegal, police brutality can be done under the color of law. Let me ask you some questions, how severe should the punishment be for police brutality? How far is cruel? Should we just let it go because they are under pressure? There is evidence of police brutality on the internet. The police would beat people because they asked a stupid question. Does that sound right to you? If you said yes, I am sorry you are a psychopath and deserve the same punishment as the officers who committed the crime. Police officers are legally permitted to use force and the public expects them to do so. Just because they can use force, they believe using force is the way to go. They have to use force sometimes because people can get crazy, and they need a little bit of aggression. In England and Wales, an independent organization known as the Independent Police Complaints Commission investigates reports of police misconduct. They automatically investigate any deaths caused by or thought to be caused by police action. On YouTube I was watching a video about a police officer who told a man to get out of his car and put your hands in the air, he did and the officer shot him that is so wrong I don’t know the entire story but it was filmed and put up on the internet.
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