Police Brutality

Topics: Critical thinking, Police brutality, Sting Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 23, 2013
“The Media Underestimate Police Brutality”
The article “The Media Underestimate Police Brutality” by Michael Novick opens with the following expression “Don't trust everything you read in the papers.” This article illustrates how the media portrays police brutality. Novick believes that police brutality is an epidemic and not an aberration. This article contains many well made points, but it is biased, has unsupported evidence, and too many facts that are not needed. Although Novick's article is great, it is mostly bias. He makes many good points but the way the article is written makes it harder for the reader to make a decision or to show their own feelings. He uses very little to none pathos to appeal to the emotions. For example, one of the pathos he uses is when he talks about how a man cut himself on the neck and his wife called the police. When the police arrived he threw the knife at them and after he was disarmed the cops shot thirty eight times killing the man instantly. From that he says that the media treated it as another multiple-gunshot killing. He said, “they ignored it”, and no headlines appeared in the Times. From that you can tell he wanted one person to feel angry at the media for not doing anything. Also, in this article Novick uses three examples of police brutality that are unsupported. They tell you many things about the killings but they have no story from the police side. . The stories make it seem convincing, but they are lacking something for the use of logos, and that is the police side of the stories. If he would have had the reason why the police did what they did it would make the article much better because one will be able to then determine if it was the right decision for themselves. Lastly, facts are needed to make any article convincing. In this article he uses too many facts that are not needed. For example, in the article he talks about one murderer for about three pages. He talks about how the story...
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