Police and Justice Professionals Roles

Topics: Crime, Police, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: January 22, 2014
What is the role of a criminal justice professional? There are numerous amounts of roles that a criminal justice practitioner plays. Depending on which section of the criminal justice system you are certified in, your studies ensures your specialty in your career field. In this particular essay, we will focus on the key social issues contributing to the service of the criminal justice practitioners, the role of the criminal justice professionals serving needs, and how the key social issues impact the role of the criminal justice professionals along with examples.

There are numerous amounts of key social issues contributing to the need for criminal justice practitioners. The three main issues that we are going to discuss are sex offenders, drug abuse, and gun control. The first key social problem is sex offenders. When you are a sex offender, the law in the state you reside in requires you to be registered in the system and allow the public to know where you live and what kind of offense you made (Perlam 2006.). An example of a sex offender is someone such as an adult, adolescent, or toddler having consensual or nonconsensual sex with someone under the age of eighteen or in better words a minor. Having a sex offender living in your community might not appear to be a good thing for your schools and home, but with individuals being registered allows people in the community to be aware of them. This effects the community as a whole and the offender as an individual.

The next key social problem that world has to regret is drug abuse. Drug abuse is an issue that causes a need for a criminal justice practitioner in several different ways. This subject can be very broad, therefore, we will discuss this as a whole. Drug abuse is a major social problem and it is a physical pain that a person inflicts upon themselves intentionally and unintentionally while under the influence. Drug abuse leads to life threatening addictions and can also potentially kill a person, which...

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