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Topics: Democracy, Elections, Representative democracy Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: March 17, 2015
POLI1003 (2B) Making Sense of Politics
Suggested Essay Topics
Note: You are encouraged to develop your own topic loosely relating to any topics in the course. Please feel free to discuss your topic with me.
What is development? Is development “merely” economic growth? What factors can best explain the economic miracles of the Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore)? How are these factors different from case to case?

Does authoritarianism help or hinder economic development? (Or does it depend?) What are the benefits of having a democracy? What are the dangers a democratic society has to face?
Do we need democracy? If you think we do, give your reasons and consider what is the best form of democracy? (It may not yet exist, but you can imagine freely). If you think we don’t, why? Consider what is the best form of government other than democracy? Give your reasons.

For new democracies in the developing world, which system — presidentialism or parliamentarism — is more likely to ensure political stability? Why? Why are political parties important for a democratic society? What are the different political consequences of one party system, two-party system and multi-party system? Improving government capacity is the most important concern facing developing countries nowadays. Discuss.

What is the role played by civil society in a modern democracy? Think of a country or city you know well (say, Hong Kong). To what extent is identity politicized in that country or city? In what way had social identities influenced the politics of that country or region or city?

Why do people protest? In your view, are social protests constructive or destructive to a nation’s politics and society?

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