Polar Bears Suffering

Topics: Polar bear, Bear, Arctic Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Polar Bears Suffering:
How Global Climate Change is Affecting Their Home

Keelei Sage
BIO 240 12:30 pm T/Th
Dr. Zanatta
Fall 2012

When I was about nine-years old I went to the Detroit Zoo for the first time, and I remember the best part was getting to go inside the big tunnel and see the polar bears and seals swimming all around me. It was on of the greatest experiences from my childhood, and I want my children to be able to have the same experience. Polar bears are one of the most interesting creatures of the North Pole. With the rising temperature melting ice and glaciers then the polar bears will quickly become extinct; they are drowning because there’s no ice for them to come up to. The quicker the ice melts, the more polar bears are drowning and losing space to be able to live on.

Global climate change has an effect on everyone and everything. Through scientific studies it has become easier to predict the changes to be expected in the near and far future. There are effects on socioeconomic statuses and on the health of people, but prior to that are the effects there are on the natural environment surrounding all of us (Streletski et al., 2012). The constant warming of our climate is causing changes in sea ice distribution and the freeze up of that ice. The habitat of polar bears (Ursus maritimus) is being severely affected by this loss of ice and has many negative effects on their long-term survival (Stirling and Derocher, 2012). These majestic animals are widely spread across ice-covered areas of seas of the Arctic, the ice is their primary habitat to breed and live while hunting both on land and in the water. Although they can swim for certain periods of time, they cannot survive in the water for very long, so without ice covered land to come back to the polar bears begin to drown. In the southern subpopulations, out of 19 that are known to be inhabited, it was known that the polar bears would fast for an average of four months while ice...
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