Polar Bears

Topics: Polar bear, Arctic, Hunting Pages: 4 (1208 words) Published: September 29, 2013
The environment is hurting many animals all over the world. There are more than 25,000 animal species that are in danger of extinction. Some are in danger because of the habitat destruction and hunting. People need to start protecting these animals or else many of these endangered animals will become extinct. The polar bear is threatened with extinction because of habitat destruction, hunting, and pollution; however, conservation groups and protection laws are working to save them.

I’m going to tell you a little bit of background about polar bears, where they live, and what they eat. I will also inform you of the main causes for why polar bears are endangered. And lastly, I will talk about the solutions that the government has done and what they plan to do, and also how we can help save the polar bear.

Polar bears are mammals. They are the fourth largest mammal and the largest land carnivore in the world. The polar bear is the world’s top predator, and it has no predators, except humans. Polar bears have thick white fur and a layer of fat underneath to keep them warm. Adult polar bears can be as tall as 10 feet and weigh between 500 pounds and 1,500 pounds. (here is a fully grown adult male polar bears and it is 10 feet 4 inches) Adult females are usually a little smaller than adult males. Polar bears have huge claws and sharp teeth (like this), which help them kill their prey. Wild polar bears live only one place in the world, the arctic, which is the area around the North Pole. The Arctic is one of the coldest places is in the world, but the polar bears have adapted well. The average temperature in January is -29 degrees. Both land and sea are covered with a thick layer of ice and snow all year long. The arctic areas where polar bears live are Alaska, Canada, Russia, Norway, and Greenland.

Polar bears primarily eat meat, like seals, fish, young walruses, caribou, small whales, and seabirds. However, during the summer bears like to eat...
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