Poland and the United States of America

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Poland and The United States of America
Comparing two countries from completely different sides of the world, it is easy task. Two different cultures, different people, customs, and behaviors, but also a lot of similarities. Poland knows as a heard of Old Continent with deep roots in European culture. From the other side we have United States of America pretty young country, with people that valuing freedom and their social rights. People can think those two countries are completely different, but besides differences there is also a lots things those countries have in common. First thing that Poland and United States have in common is this same chain - food restaurants. Driving through the typical Polish city downtown people can find American fast food restaurants like Mc Donald's, KFC, Burger King, and Pizza Hut. Too bad people in United States cannot find some of Polish restaurants with good traditional food. Second similarity between European country and United States is a lot of the same TV shows in Polish television. During watching Polish television people can have see the same commercials typical American products like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, and American TV shows like "Dancing with Stars", "Big Brother", "American's got talent", "American Idol", and also American TV serials like "Dexter", "House", "Heroes", "Desperate Housewife". Another similarity is that Poles and Americans valuing very high their families and hard work. Family is very important in both countries, people spending a lot of free time with own families. Trying to raise children, and be good wife and husband. To support families they are spending many hours working hard and making money. Those are three things that make Polish people feel like home here, and still feel like in US when they are home. Finding things that make Poland and USA different was not hard. There are many differences between them. Although three of the most visible are drinking age, weapon permission, education...
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