poland and the role of solidarity

Topics: Lech Wałęsa, Pope John Paul II, Cold War Pages: 10 (306 words) Published: April 17, 2015
Poland and the Role of
Marisa Saldana and Sofia Venegas

What is Solidarity? (August 14, 1980)
● Independent self-governing trading
● It was a broad anti-communist social
● Used the methods of civil resistance to
advance the causes of workers' rights
and create social change.
● Contributed to the fall of communism
and sparked the later Revolutions of

Critical figures

Lech Walesa

Most prominent leader of the Solidarity
Persistent activism resulted in his arrest
several times
Round Table Agreement of 1989
Transition to a post-communist state
Elected 2nd president of Poland in 1990

Pope John Paul II

Poland, 1983

“Loving our neighbor has global
dimensions in a shrinking world…
our love for all our brothers and
sisters demands that we promote
peace in a world surrounded by
violence and conflict.”
Had no fear of publicly displaying
his support for Solidarity on behalf
of the Catholic Church

President Reagan with Pope John Paul II in Alaska, 1984.
President Ronald Reagan consulted with Pope John Paul II
regarding Solidarity.


Prominent figure alongside Walesa in
the advocating of Solidarity
Effective journalist and editor-in-chief of
Poland’s largest newspaper the Gazeta
Imprisoned during the March Events of
Played a crucial role in the Round Table

Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski

Communist leader of Poland
1981 Martial Law
Opposed Solidarity for a
long time, as he was a
strong communist
During his presidency in
1989-1990, Solidarity
became legalized

Solidarity and Its effects
on Communism
● Solidarity brought people together that were
being oppressed by the effects of communism
● Spread the beliefs of Catholicism which was
● Along with the advocacy of Reagan, John Paul,
and Thatcher, Solidarity was able to lead to the
eventual fall of communism in Central and
Eastern Europe

Video - “Let Poland Be Poland”


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