Pol 223 Final Exam

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Gatlin Hinesley
POL 223 Final Exam

Academic Integrity: Purdue University prohibits dishonesty in connection with any University activity. Cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to the University are examples of dishonesty. This includes aiding or abetting another person in any of these actions.

You must include the following statement at the top of your exam:

I, _______Gatlin Hinesley______, have upheld Purdue University’s Honor Code and maintained academic integrity during this exam.

1. Identify and explain three reasons why climate change is so challenging to address as a policy issue.

In the case of “The Island President” it illustrates just how diverse the issue of climate change is. One reason this is so challenging is because, climate change affects every country in a different way, and would require many different approaches in policy making to correct and address the issue. For example the policy needs of the Maldives greatly differs from ours here in the United States.

Another reason is that there are so many factors that contribute to climate change, and more that aren’t yet specifically defined and understood. So, while a policy may address one factor, there would still be more that would not be covered and would go unchanged. Impeding the effectiveness of any policy that would be put in place.

A third reason, and the most challenging would be that of gaining international cooperation. This largely would be in part to the economic status of countries and their ability or willingness to participate and cooperate with a policy. 2. What is the role of values in environmental policy? Identify at least two conflicting values and discuss them in the context of grazing on federal lands OR drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

Values play a critical role in environmental policy. They especially play a critical role in the discussion of drilling for oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. The conflicting values at hand here are that of wildlife habitat destruction and disturbance. The opposing value is that of human energy demands.

On one end of the spectrum there is the importance of specific wildlife habitat and how drilling would negatively affect multiple species that live in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. Their survival directly correlates with how much of an impact we have on the environment. With this being a National Wildlife Refuge, specially set aside to preserve habitat for the species that rely on it for survival is a major controversy when deciding whether it would be ethically correct to drill here and disturb their habitat.

The other value is that of human demands and our need for sustainable sources of energy. This value gives little consideration to wildlife habitat and focuses purely on human needs.

4. What does the term “common but differentiated” responsibilities refer to and what is its significance to this course? Discuss in the context of an environmental policy problem.


The term “common but differentiated responsibilities” refers to the contributions of developed and developing countries and how their contributions to global environmental pollution differentiate. This also states how the ability of developed and developing nations differs when it comes to their ability to take on these issues. Depending on their economic and technological capacities. This term is significant to this course, because we spent a great deal of time discussing policies and how they affect other countries in different ways.

The type of contributions may be the same, yet differentiate in the amounts contributed to the environment. This plays a roll in how much responsibility they actually have when it comes to amounts produced. A current problem would be that of carbon emissions. For example, the United States and the Maldives...

References: http://www.hindawi.com/journals/bmri/2012/402418/
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