Pol 215 Week 2 Individual Assignment Constitution And Systems Of The State

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Constitution and the System of the State of Kansas
Brittany Torain
May 5, 2015
Janice Harder
Constitution and the System of the State of Kansas
The Constitution of the State of Kansas is the playbook of how we are allowed to play the game of government.  This playbook, which is our Constitution, will have limitations on the players.  The Constitution describes how each player will interact, and who has power during specific situations. The Constitution of the State of Kansas was written in 1859, although it has been amended several times.  All amendments to the Kansas Constitution and must be passed through the Legislature and presented for vote to the citizens of Kansas.  An Amendment is approved if two-thirds of the votes in each house of the Legislature, as well as the majority of the Kansas voters are received.   The Kansas Constitution begins with the preamble, the preamble states that the Constitution or set of rules is set up for the people by the people and to ensure the rights of the citizens of the state of Kansas. Interesting enough is that equal privileges to women were in included in the original constitution in the ownership of property and the control of children this was very uncommon for most states at this early time in history. Kansas has three branches of Government. The Legislative branch which is made up of 40 senators and 125 representatives and is elected by the voters of Kansas is known as the law making branch. The Executive Branch which is made up by the Governor, Lieutenant General, The Secretary of state, Attorney general, and the State Board of Education. All of these positions are elected by the state’s voters and they enforce laws. The Judicial Branch interprets the laws made from the Legislative Branch and settles disputes this is made up largely by the Supreme Court of the State of Kansas. Another example that the Kansas Judicial Branch is responsible for is setting up and enforcing the child support guidelines. The Kansas Child Support Guidelines are the foundation for determining and evaluating child support orders in Kansas, including cases settled by arrangement of the parties. Judges and hearing officers must adhere to the guidelines and the court shall consider all pertinent facts offered in setting an amount of child support. Another service from the judicial branch for citizens of Kansas is the ability to have their court cases reviewed and heard by the State Supreme court. Services in the state of Kansas are authorized by the states constitution include those from the federal governments payment to the state for such funding. Examples would be access to public schools and Planned Parenthood. In our constitution it states that we could benefit from the services if desired by law of the constitution. A service from the educational aspect is that all children are entitled to an education grades Kindergarten thru 12 with funding through the state of Kansas. The educational department has set up guidelines and bylaws that states that the child should be in attendance, how the teachers are trained, the guidelines for what is appropriate to learn Social services have been funded with assistance from the federal government assisting the low level income citizens with food benefits, medical and vocational rehabilitation if indicated. Many of these programs are being cut with all the budget cuts and Kansas is working hard to be sure that welfare and unemployment benefits are secure. Kansas has several sources of income but namely state property tax and state income tax are two significant ones always under fire. Without doubt Kansan’s have seen and felt the impact in the decrease funding for public schooling and the other major one is for providing care for the mentally ill or medically disabled people of Kansas with major cuts also in the funding and closing of some facilities.

Kansas over the past few years has increased the enforcement of Sales...

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