Poisonwood Bible a Look at Rachel

Topics: Nudity, Toplessness, Novel Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: April 29, 2006
"Poisonwood Bible's" character Rachel Price has no seniority as the oldest and most sensitive in the Price Family. Rachel refuses to accept the decision her father has made for the family to become missionaries. Rachel ignores any welcome the family receives from the Africans. Rachel's passages in the novel make her father seem impractical and superior even though she puts herself on a pedestal and tries to act like an adult. Rachel shows her immaturity with misspelled and misused words; her character plays a stock stereotype of a dumb blonde. The Price family brought necessary items from their home. A mirror served as Rachel's most prized necessity. Throughout the novel Rachel used a large amount of malapropisms acquiring knowledge ranked last on the things Rachel valued as importance. When the Price family arrived from their voyage to Africa they have no chance to change out of the layers of traveling outfits, they pile into a patio with a thatched roof. The run down building serves as their father Nathan's church. The people in the village o prepared a welcome service for the family. The Africans sang hymns while cooked the meal, then served the new missionary family dishes of something that resembles stew. Rachel had an appalled reaction to the nudity of the Africans. In disbelief of her surrounding Rachel wonders how anyone could live without clothes. The babies and

Lunce 2
small children lived nude while the women went topless. Rachel's father also had concerns about African nudity more than the activities of the welcome service, when the people invited him to offer thanks for the meal, he launched into a Biblical tirade on nakedness. Rachel agreed the nudity had use at that place and time. The reception quickly broke into a meeting of silent people and women wrapped sarongs around themselves and served bowls of the goat stew. Rachel wanted to gag and spit the substance out, but her mother threaten to "thrash them within an inch of...
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