Poisonwood Bible Character Analysis

Topics: Family, Sibling, Novel Pages: 1 (459 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Leah Price

In the novel, Leah is the second oldest of the Price daughters, she is 14-years-old along with her twin sister, Adah. Leah is one of the more unique characters. Leah is very intelligent, kind-hearted, and understanding. She’s also the only tomboy of all the sisters. Leah is also a “daddy’s girl”. In so many words, she worships her father. “He stood his ground, my father, tall as Goliath and pure of heart as David.” (pg. 48) She’s very attached to her father. “I know he must find me tiresome, yet still I like spending time with my father very much more than I like doing anything else.” (pg. 43) While Leah’s other siblings and even her own mother don’t like the fact that they have to move to Africa for, Leah embraces the move and totally supports her father’s decision. Leah could be considered the “perfect child” because she she would do only things that she knows her father would approve of. Leah’s main desire is to do whatever makes her father happy, and because of this Leah is very devoted to her father’s notion of God. Leah is loyal to her father and his mission. Leah wants to believe in everything that her father is doing. This is why she commits herself to the works of God. “I vowed to work hard for His favor, surpassing all others in my devotion to turning the soil for God’s great glory.” (pg. 45). Although Leah is fond of her father, she also seems to very be intimidated by him. “I’m sorry?” My heart skipped a beat. Here I’d been trying to second-guess Father, working out the garden business. He is always two steps ahead of me.” (pg. 95). Since this is a story about the guilt that haunts the members of the Price family, Leah has to feel guilty about something as well. It seems as if Leah only feels guilty about things that she really shouldn’t feel guilty about. When her family first arrives in Africa she feels guilty for not being good enough for her father. She feels as if she’s not living up to his standards. Nathan is trying to teach her...
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