Poisonwood Bible

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Bryan Duong
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Poisonwood Bible Essay
The trip to the Congo has changed all of the Price women permanently. They were all affected in some way by this exile from the material items in their previous cherished world. It has affected them in both enlightening ways as well as unfortunate ways. This journey has scarred the Price women forever.

Perhaps most affected by this exile was Orleanna Price. The mother of four was forced to provide for not only herself but her children as well in this unfamiliar jungle in Africa. She learned that her husband, Nathan Price, was in fact a cruel and wicked man who gave little care about his wife and daughter’s well being. She was forced to grow a backbone and eventually speak up and stand up to him, eventually taking it upon herself to find a way to bring her and her beloved children back home. The Congo has been her worst nightmare with her children like Ruth May falling extremely ill and she fears for the safety of her children. Her motherly instincts in turn overcome her submissiveness to her husband and this is a huge change because the real Orleanna Price has taken charge and won’t bow down to any man any longer.

Although the many years spent living in the Congo in order to educate the people who live there were mostly an unwanted and unpleasant experience, it was also very enlightening. In hindsight, the people of the Congo taught the Price women more than they taught them. Adah Price saw how beautiful the environment was, whether it came to the people who lived there and how they coincided with the beautiful Congo, or just the sheer willpower of the people who lived there. She was amazed and fascinated by all of this and learned that there was more to life than just material possessions unlike Rachel. It was as if the Congo and its people lifted her handicaps and let her view the world as it should be viewed, uninhibited and absolutely stunning.
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