Point of view

Topics: Human, Short story, Thought Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: November 24, 2013
The Importance of Point of View
“Robert and the Dog”
Point of view in a story is something I find extremely interesting, simply because of the obvious fact that every single one of us have our own way of seeing things. Every one of us has a different point of view. For instance, when it is raining outside, my first thought would probably express some sort of happiness. The majority of people in Norway, would, on the other hand, probably complain. It’s all about perception. Analyzing literature gives us the advantage and opportunity of seeing things in perspective, particularly if the story is written in 3.person point of view. In the following text to come, I will be discussing a bit about the short stories “Robert and the Dog”, “A Shocking Accident” and “The Raft”. Jumping into my thoughts about these three (wonderfully written) texts, you will have the opportunity to receive these stories the way I have understood them. Ken Saro- Wiwa was borned in 1941 and passed away in 1995. Being 54 years old, he died at relatively short age, due to the fact that he was executed because he fought for the interest of the minority Ogoni people in Niger Delta. He has with other words a lot of experience when it comes to oppression. In “Robert and the Dog”, we meet a father of six children in Nigeria. He is overly happy with his employers (he is a steward) who treat him strangely well. In the first paragraph, we understand that he’s used to being oppressed. Living in Norway in 2013, we take it for granted that our employers don’t lose their tempers or shout at us, and it is a fact that they call us by our first name. For Robert, however, this is something to be “extremely grateful” for. He begins “to feel like a human being”. Graham Greene was born in 1994 and passed away in 1991. He was bipolar, and maybe that’s a part of the reason why he has created Jerome in “A Shocking Accident” with such weird and infrequent way of thinking. While “Robert and the Dog” goes deep...
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