Point of Sale and Inventory System

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Man have come a long way in doing business transactions with each other. From the primitive ways of exchanging goods or “barter system”, to the more complex “e-commerce” or doing business transactions with the help of the internet. With technology rapidly changing and upgrading every now and then, companies must adopt to be able to excel in each businesses’ “cut-throat” competition.

Automation of one’s point of sale and inventory system puts you a step ahead in the game. It helps you conduct business transactions with ease as you only have to press a few keys. It liberates you from countless paper works as computation of the day’s sale and keeping track of inventory are done automatically.

With these things in mind, we, the Group 7, hopes that upon completion of this Proposed Automated System, Pisces Glass and Aluminum will find it of great value and an indispensable asset in the company. That through the use of this System, unnecessary loss of time spent on computation of payments will be minimized and greater client satisfaction will be achieved. On the part of the management, knowing which products are in need of procurement and which are not, will help avoid over stocking and greatly minimize unnecessary expenses. At the end of the day, all transactions will be properly documented and generation of reports will just be a few keystrokes away.

Finally, we hope that with the development of the said System, we will be able to help Pisces Glass and Aluminum become a company more competitive and quality wise, worthy of recognition in the local industry. II.COMPANY BACKGROUND

Pisces Glass and Aluminum started its business operation on October of 1997. Holding its permanent office at Door 2 Juan Tan Building, Colon Street, Dumaguete City. Originally from San Carlos City, the owner/proprietor Mr. Herman B. Tan, decided to stay in Dumaguete City and established his business, engaging in retails of aluminum windows, glass jalousies and other accessories. Sources of stocks and materials are procured from Manila, Cebu and Bacolod and from other big suppliers such as Asahi Glass Phils., Comglassco, Megaluminum and Uniframe. Just recently CitiKwik supplied Pisces for the retail and installation of roll-up doors.

Operating for almost 14 years now, Pisces Glass and Aluminum caters to all of the residents and commercial buildings of Dumaguete City for their glass and aluminum needs. Satisfying client’s demands, the company now has 5 groups of quality and skilled installers and technicians, providing services in the whole Negros Oriental, Cebu, Bacolod and some parts of Mindanao. It is now considered as one of the top installer of aluminum and glass doors and windows in Dumaguete City and Oriental Negros and is accredited with DEP-ED, DPWH, LGU and various private contractors.


Like any other business establishments, relying on manual system in handling transactions and inventory process, Pisces Glass and Aluminum has these following situations that needed to be addressed:

1.Processing of payments is time-consuming as the cashier still has to check on price list of products being purchased, and computations of sales are done manually. 2.Documents are easily misplaced due to overcrowding of receipts and other business documents. 3.Clients tend to get impatient due to slow processing of purchase and inquiry. 4.Computation of daily sales takes time as cashier still have to check and calculate the receipts one by one. 5.Update of inventory is tedious as this is done every time a purchase is made. 6.Possibility of over stocking due miscalculations of inventory. 7.Records of inventory and sales are prone to damage and loss.


The study will be of great value to the management, client and workers of Pisces Glass and Aluminum. The study, through its output, can assist the management in accomplishing fast and reliable business...

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