Point of Sale

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1.0 Introduction
Point-of-Sales or POS with Inventory System, it can help the company in billing, monitoring the stocks, and issuing of receipts, importing all the product and goods in a system by using databases. Large companies used inventory system even small kind of business. As we observed, Gee Cee bakeshop Branch V. Tiomico Corner Gen. Hizon CSFP having a difficulties in billing and monitoring and issuing of receipts and they are finding ways or solutions to improve their business and make the business transactions automated. 1.1 Background of Study

GEE CEE is a Bakeshop company only here in Pampanga. The business was located at V. TIOMICO CORNER. GENERAL. HIZON CSFP, front of JOLIBEE, near at the SM San Fernando Downtown. The factory or the place where the bread are process was located near at the SHELL gas station and St. Dominic Subdivision. Mrs. Gloria Canlas owner of GEE CEE Company. According to the Manager named Mrs. JOSIE JIMENEZ, the Business was started since in the year 1990’s, and they are using manual billing and also the issuing of receipts instead of automated. We asked the permission of the manager that we choose Gee Cee San Fernando to be our host Company. They agreed and they gave us the list of their products and same with the price.

1.2 Statement of the objectives
1.2.1 General Objective
* The main purpose of this study is to construct and improve an efficient inventory system of Gee Cee Bakeshop. And help their company to produce or to use useable kind of inventory system. 1.2.2 Specific Objectives

* To make the business transactions easier and automated. * To create an inventory system program in their branch, to monitor their stocks and other transaction/s of the company.

1.3 Significance of the Study
Inventory System is a process of checking/monitoring the volume such as stock and assets where as you can identify the missing stocks and any frauds occurred for a certain transactions or have been done by employees or in charge person. Using an inventory system you can monitor the flow of the stocks/products of the Company. And also you will be able to identify whether there is an overage or shortage on the actual count of the inventory.

* Accountants/Auditors
An inventory report is communicated with the financial reports for the users, such as accountants and auditors for an accurate and reliable report of inventory.

* Managers/proprietor
With the correct and accurate reports of inventory audited, it is easier for the decision makers or what to increase and decrease on the stocks and assets.

* Company
Having an inventory system was a benefit for those company using it because it reduces their work in checking their stocks. And by using the inventory system the company would have a fast and easily checking/monitoring of their stocks. And it would give their consumers a fast and reliable service of the company.

1.4 Scope and Limitation of the Study
The proponents have set of scope and limitation of the system.

* File Maintenance
The file maintenance contains of different forms and modules used for adding, updating, deleting, or searching the data or information.

* Product Maintenance
This module consists of different fields like the product name, product price, and the category.

* Category Maintenance
This module consists of categories of products.

* User Maintenance
This module consists of accounts of the users like the username, user password and position.

* Position Maintenance
This module consists of different positions of the user.

* Transactions
This scope performs different transactions such as:

* Point-of-Sales (POS)
This module performs fast sales transactions.

* Purchased Order
It displays the products came from the suppliers, include the critical level stock so that the user can easily make an order.

* Receive Order
Displays the receive...
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