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The imaginative response
to experience reflecting a
keen awareness of

Types of Poetry

• Ballad – Songlike poem; tells a
• Lyric - musical verse; expresses
observations & feelings of a single
• Haiku - 3-line verse form.
First & 3rd lines have five
syllables; 2nd has 7.
Topic is always nature
• Limerick – a rhymed nonsense
poem of five lines.

Types of Poetry
• Sonnet - 14 line lyric poem (usually
unrhymed iambic pentameter)
– Petrarchan (Italian)
octave & sestet; octave states a
theme or asks a question, sestet
comments on or answers the
– Shakespearean
3 quatrains & a couplet; Usually
not printed with the stanzas

• Free Verse – poetry not
written in a regular rhythmical
pattern or meter
• Blank Verse – poetry written
in unrhymed iambic
• Refrain – phrase or verse
repeated at intervals in a song
or poem.


• Rhyme - repetition of sounds at the
ends of words.
• Rhyme Scheme – regular pattern
of rhyming words in a poem
• Internal Rhyme – rhyming words
appear within one line.
• End Rhyme – Rhyme at the end of
• Rhymed Verse – poetry, stanzas,
that rhyme

Poetry Terms
• Verse - a single line, poetry, a
particular form of poetry, a stanza
• Meter – rhythmical pattern
determined by number and types
of stresses or beats in a line.
– Monometer (1
–Pentameter (5
– Dimeter (2 feet)
–Hexameter (6
– Trimeter (3 feet) feet)
– Tetrameter (4
–Heptameter (7

Poetry Terms
• Rhythm – patterns of beats, or
stresses in a poem.

• Foot - two syllables in a line create a
– Iambic: unstressed, stressed (Again; repeat)
– Anapestic: unstressed, unstressed, stressed (on
the beach)

– Trochaic: stressed, unstressed (wonder, older)
– Dactylic: stress, unstressed, unstressed

– Spondaic: stress, stress (space walk, heartbreak)

Poetry Terms
• Stanza: formal division of lines in a
poem (paragraph)

–Couplet (2 lines)
–Triplet (3 lines)
–Quatrain (4 lines)
–Quintet (5 lines)
–Sestet (6 lines)
–Septet (7 lines)
–Octave (8 lines)

Poetry Terms

• Imagery – descriptive
language used to create word
pictures using the senses.
• Symbolism – anything that
stands for or represents
something else
• Allusion – reference to
literature, history or the bible

Poetry Terms
• Tone - writer’s attitude
toward his or her audience and
subject matter.
• Mood – (Atmosphere) feeling
created in the reader by the
literary work
• Diction – word choice
(including vocabulary used,
appropriateness of words &
vividness of language.)

Figurative Language
(Figures of Speech) –
not meant to be interpreted literally

– Simile – comparison using like or as
– Metaphor – figure of speech in which
one thing is compared to something
else (no like or as)
– Personification – giving human
characteristics to a nonhuman subject
– Oxymoron – contradictory terms are
combined, as in a deafening silence

Poetry Terms

More Figurative Language

– Apostrophe – form of
personification in which absent or
dead are spoken to as if present
and the inanimate as if animate.
– Hyperbole – deliberate
exaggeration or overstatement
– Paradox – statement that seems
contradictory, but may be true

Poetry Terms

– Alliteration: Repetition of initial
consonant sounds.
– Assonance – repetition of vowel
sounds followed by different
consonants in two or more stressed
syllables. (“weak & weary”)
– Onomatopoeia – words in which
sounds seem to resemble their
meaning. use of words that

imitate sounds (whirr, buzz,

Poetry Terms

• Types of

• Verbal
– Pun (play on
– Sarcasm
• Situational
• Dramatic

Reading A Poem
• First Reading:

– Read the poem all the way
– Get an overall first
impression of the poem.
– Write a sentence or two
response stating your
immediate reaction to...
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