Poetry of Nature

Topics: Poetry, Romantic poetry, Feeling Pages: 4 (937 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Many poets are inspired by the impressive persona that exists in nature to influence their style of poetry. The awesome power of nature can bring about thought and provoke certain feelings the poet has towards the natural surroundings.

If you bear in mind the disposition of some of the things in life that move us like human beauty, love or the beauty of nature you will understand that they have one thing in common. They do not last forever, as sad as it seems, Ladies and Gentleman. Yes they too will eventually die out. Why? Who knows? However it is a fact that when poets write a poem they wish to make their words appealing, as to impress the reader with the intensity of their own experience so they immortalize that sense of feeling that makes their poems last.

Wordsworth's poem, "Nutting" is a classic portrayal of a man finding time to escape the harsh bitterness of life and escaping to a world of isolation, solitude and loneliness that exists in nature. I'd particularly like to focus on the second part, which has a greater significance in regard to nature, then the other part, which might appear irrelevant.

In demonstrating the use of descriptive features Wordsworth has created the perfect sanctuary that one can only ever dream about. The wording used in this section is uncomplicated and evocative. Common language served Wordsworth's purpose well, for the simple words were direct in their purpose. They expressed feelings that had been known and repeated many times before, and therefore contained a certain durability in his speech.

And I saw the sparkling foam, And-with my cheek on one of those green stones that fleeced with moss, under the shady trees, lay round me, scattered like a flock of sheep

In this poem there is much evidence that expresses his loneliness, solitude, and isolation to the rest of the world at that moment in his life.

And fade, unseen by any human eye; where fairy water-breaks do murmur on forever;...
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