Poetry Gone Bad

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I dedicate this book to my family. You all keep me going.
A special mention for those who in the darkest of times helped. And my children Lauren, Ewan, Emily and Zack stop growing so fast. Marissa I owe you one..

Mike Whaley

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction
Evocation of Feeling is a book written to show how the day to day actions and surroundings of people and events can change your emotions. I have included the title a Culture of Poetry showing that a mixture of everyday life has inspired me to write poetry, regardless of style. My poetry is certainly a mixture of forms and I hope you enjoy it. And to the critics, yes I have broken some of the sacred poetry rules. Times they are a changing.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents
Sand Soldier 2
Sometimes 3
Why 4
Bad Days 5
The Boxer 6
Guardian Angel 7
Lost in the Cold
Crumbled World 8
You Have Nothing To loose 9
Hope Dream 10
Why Do Things 11
Your Dead Soul 12
Do You Remember
Mr Political Man 13
Goodbye 14
The Delight of my Quilt 15
Soon to be Forgotten 16
Being Unwell
Mum 17
Cometh the Birthday
Hoodie 18
The Manny 19
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAND SOLDIER

Back Pack weighing me down.
The sand torments me
My feet slip down further and deeper into the sand.
Every step painful.
The gun I carry no use, no need for it at all, my grip does not fail. How can a distant sun seem so hot.
Why am I here?.
The heat seems to gust through my body feeling so weak.
"KEEP MOVING", the shout goes out one bullet I could take him out. Mouth so dry blisters form inside.
Why am I here?. Am I here to be a hero?.
No to risky want to stay alive.
Am I here to carry my countries flag?.
Is my country better than yours?.
I cannot remember my country it's been a long time it's far away in my mind. Why do they fight us we are here to help.
Why am I here?.
I feel that I have failed my brothers in arms just to doubt the reasons for me being here. My fallen brothers and sisters I salute you. I am sorry you are gone. My fallen enemies I am just sorry.

Those who know me back home, soon I hope I will return.
But be prepared for I am a changed man.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hard Times See Some Light

I know sometimes it may seem hard, never seem to play the right cards, always find a place to hide never wish to see another day, but believe me I am telling you the truth no need to fly away . you can find a brighter day...


Look at you once so proud now crawling along the ground.
Once so big you stood so tall to me,
but now you have fallen.
Sometimes I see you from a distance.
I hide my face looking at your large disgrace.
The drugs don't work look at you now a fallen bitter sow
Crying on the floor do you know who you are who you were or where you have fallen from. But no you do not know and carry on fallen soon to be forgotten.

Mad, mad as hell can you not tell.
Why is everything I do so wrong but if you do it to me well just carry on. Just take the piss out of me go on I can take it.
Although my heart you just break it.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sometimes

Sometimes we do things we do not like.
Sometimes we run from our life.
Sometimes we just stand and fight and sometimes life can be a fright. Sometimes we mean what we say then wish we had not said what we meant that day. Sometimes we fall.
Sometimes you can stand tall but mostly we fall.
Sometimes life just gets you down all look on with a frown. Sometimes we find love and sometimes we lose it....
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