Poetry Essay "Nothing Is beautiful As Spring"

Topics: Poetry, Sonnet, Poetic form Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: December 4, 2013

“Nothing is beautiful as Spring”. This Italian sonnet was written to describe a natural world. God’s presence is identified as an electrical current that runs through the earth. God’s presence runs like the refracted glinting of light produced by metal foil, whenever it is moved quickly. The sonnet quotes God to be like rich oil. Oil is very rich and thick. Oil is needed every where around the world. If you don’t believe it, drive your car month after month without getting an oil change or even oil in general. With God being identified as oil, he is measured as greatness. Given these strong proofs of Gods divine presence the poet that wrote this particular sonnet how and why do humans fail to recognize his presence and his divine authority. God’s authority is described as the “rod”. This sonnet also deals with the state of human life. It also deals with human nature. God crated all things in earth and above heaven. This sonnet talks and deals with human life. Why don’t people recognize the things that God has placed in the world? He gave us these things to use for our needs Permeating the world is a deep “freshness” that testifies to the continual renewing power of God’s creation. The power of renewing is seen during the morning always waits on the other side of the darkness of the night.  This final image is one of God guarding the impending of the world and containing within Him the power and assurance of rebirth.

Gerard Manley Hopkins is one of the most phenomenal 19th-century poets of religion, of nature, and of inner anguish. His view of nature and the world is like a book written by God himeslf. In this poem God expresses himself completely, and it is by “reading” the world that humans can approach God and learn about Him. Hopkins therefore sees the environmental crisis of the Victorian period as vitally linked to that era’s spiritual crisis, and many of his poems have become man’s indifference to the destruction of sacred natural and religious...
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