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Topics: Poetry, Face transplant, Woman Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: October 15, 2008
The Story of an Indian Woman
To those who lack the real understanding of poetry, it is seen no differently as any other literary composition; a text, written and understood by a certain group of people. However to those who appreciate, and possess even the slightest bit of understanding that the poet intended, is considered an accomplishment. Poetry is an art of discovery, it requires immense effort not only to understand but to compose. Indian Woman, a poem written by Jeanette Armstrong, evokes a number of emotions and thoughts. The poem describes the unfortunate lifestyle of an Indian women in that day and age, the duties and tasks which were performed, whether willingly or not. Indian Woman is a poem containing painful images, internal structure, and voice. Without the usage of these three easily understood literary terms, Jeanette Armstrong's Indian Woman would lack it's mood, and tone which makes the poem to represent such meaning .

Imagery appeals to any one of the five senses. In Indian Woman, readers are able to see, feel, and hear the pain, and struggle faced by the Indian woman. “The lines / cut deep / into my aged face...” (stanza 6, lines 1-3). Readers are given a vague description and while this description is not detailed, there is a sudden ability to visualize the Indian woman who is “...to be painted or photographed / sold / and hung on lawyers walls” (stanza 6, lines 9-11). The lines cut deep in which she describes are on her aged face, are not those of wrinkles, but of when she was beaten and raped (stanza 4, lines 8-10). However she has no pity, yet uses a somewhat sarcastic tone to her voice. “...are not from bitterness / or despair / at seeing my clan destroyed / one by one...” (stanza 6, lines 4-7) as though she does feel such emotions, yet due to the fact that she is a strong woman, will not allow those feelings to show through her face. “The husky laughter...” (stanza 8, line 1) appeals to the reader's hearing, although there is a...
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