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Erica Spigelmyer
English II
Essay #1 Poetry

I love poetry. I believe that in one of my past lives that I was once a poet. I have written poetry since I was able to pick up a pencil and write. Putting words together as art has always been very dear to me. Though writing an essay can sometimes be a challenge when describing art. Poetry to most people are words that rhyme, but to me they are delicate descriptions of love, emotions and experiences.

I pride myself in being able to “read between the lines” and it wasn’t easy to pick a poem, or poems, or even a song to write about. This type of art is something an individual should read for themselves and feel what the creator of the art is trying to convey. Yes these are mere words, but they are words that have been used to help you feel what the writer is feeling, or see in your mind what they want you to see. With that said, I chose a poem that I felt was unique.

“The Ruined Maid” by Thomas Hardy is a very creative poem. After doing a little research on him I found that he has been an inspiration to many famous writers. After reading his poem I can see exactly why. “The Ruined Maid” is almost like a short story. He really plays on the different personalities that he uses. From the very first stanza he introduces both characters in his poem. One character is a maid and the other character is the ruined maid. I found this very interesting because you don’t normally, at least I haven’t, see many poems that have a different speaker besides the writer.

The first line in the first stanza shows how the young woman (maid) is very surprised to see the other young woman, who is no longer a maid. “O’ Melia, my dear, this does everything crowns!” (“The Ruined Maid” 1) is a great opening for this poem. I love that he shared her surprise and excitement. Seeing this other young woman seems to be the highlight of the maids’ day. She is expressing that now she has seen it all. I also think that not only is she surprised,...
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