Poetry Comparison of "The World Is Too Much with Us" and "My Heart Leaps Up"

Topics: Life, Universe, Romantic poetry Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: June 2, 2013
William Wordsworth utilized his passion for nature to express his philosophy of life within the lines of his poem. In his two works “The World Is Too Much with Us” and “My Heart Leaps Up” Wordsworth reveals some of society’s flaw using various literary devices such as tone and imagery, although the two poems appear to carry the same theme they also share numerous dissimilarities that enables each to be unique in its own way.             In “My Heart Leaps Up” although very minute and brief, the poem contained a valuable message about preserving your childhood. Throughout the poem Wordsworth continued to convey this theme of childhood conservation through the usage of figurative language and paradoxes. For instance, in the poem it states “The child is the father of the man”, this is an example of one of the few paradoxes utilized in this poem. It’s impossible for child to father a man, Wordsworth was actually attempting to reveal to his audience how children are superior to adults in this world. The immaturity of a child allows it to withhold his or her innocence which makes them less oblivious to the beauties of the world which also enables them to be closer to the one who created the world, God. The adult’s maturity alters and contaminates their perception, they only see the impurities within the world they fail to acknowledge the beauty as the children do which consequently creates a drift between them and God.  Throughout the poem Wordsworth used several references to nature such as “My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky” (Line 1-2), he saw his admiration for nature as his relationship with God because nature is his creation. Wordsworth refers back to this connection through the expansion of his life for example, he states “So it was my life began/ So it is now I am a man” (line 3-4), he’s basically displaying the strength of the connection for it to have last as long as he has lived.             Wordsworth’s “The World is Too Much with Us”,...
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