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Poetry Book

By Hanschen1 Jun 18, 2013 1193 Words
My Poetry Book
By Hans

Page 1– Table of Contents
Page 2 – Thoughts on poetry
Page 3 – Similes
Page 4 – Metaphors
Page 5 – Personification
Page 6 – Apostrophe
Page 7 – Hyperbole
Page 8 – Onomatopoeia
Page 9 – Internal rhyme
Page 10 – Imagery
Page 11 – Alliteration
Page 12 – Autobiographical Poem
Page 13 – Acrostic poem
Page 14 – “This Is Just to Say” Poem
Page 15 – My Favorite Poet(s)

My thoughts on poetry
My favorite poems are jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll and Knoxville Tennessee by Nikki Giovanni. I like those poems the most because they are both different. Knoxville Tennessee is about the great things that summer can bring, like the things you love to do in the summer and the things you like to eat in the summer. I like jabberwocky also because it is fiction and not real story. In the poem jabberwocky in think these nonsense words make this poem special and it is a really exciting poem. But I think you can learn something from that poem, and that is you can be afraid of something but you can always do it when you believe in yourself and when you are not afraid anymore but in this poem he killed the jabberwocky and came home and now maybe he is the hero. And when you can do something you are afraid of when you can be a little hero because you are not afraid anymore. I think poems are sometimes better than books because you can read long poems and short poems but you can learn from both, but in one thing books and poems are equal they both tell a story even when it is a story that is not real they tell a story.


Willow and Gingko
by Eve Merriam

The willow is like an etching,
Fine-lined against the sky.
Then ginkgo is like a crude sketch,
Hardly worthy to be signed

In this poem similes are needed because the Willow and the Gingko are compered and with out similes you couldn’t say : The willow is like an etching Fine- lined against the sky.
And in this poem without similes you couldn’t describe how the willow and the gingko look, feel and smell.

Langston Hughes
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

In this poem dreams by Langston Hughes life is compered to a broken winged bird. It describes that a life without dreams is like a bird without wings. And a bird needs wings to fly.

My Favorite Poet
My Favorite poet is Edgar Allan Poe, he was born January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts and died in October 7, 1849. He is my favorite poet because he doesn’t wrote normal poems he wrote fiction, gothic and stories that are sometimes scary and sometimes creepy and scary. But he also wrote love stories like Annabel Lee. That’s what I like about Poe and I also like that he wrote some many different poems like a famous one “The Raven”.

Autobiographical Poem
I’m from soccer fields and snow on Christmas from a beautiful landscape and a big river. I’m from a sweet little town with fields and many cattle’s. I’m from a country where winters are cold and summers are hot.

I’m from a karate team where I learned self-defense. I’m from a really great dad who taught me to ride the bike. I’m from skate-parks and a place where I had really nice friends.

I’m from traveling a lot and vacations in the Alps. I’m from homemade food that tastes better than everything. I’m from don’t remember my grandfathers and from having a dog who died of cancer.

Acrostic Poem
Any kinds of animals are great.
Neither it is a wild one or a house animal.
In any way they like you when you treat them right.
My dog was one of my best friends but now he is gone.
All my family misses him but we have to except that he gone. Love we gave him and we had fun with him since his birth.
So I hope you learned a lesson so treat you pets right and give them love.

This is just to say Poem
By Julian Balint

I heard something
dropping. It was
my mothers vase
but she didn’t do it.

Who did it
Nobody knows
The splinters were

Where was my
Dog? He layed
Dead there on
The ground .

Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me;
The carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality.

In the poem I could not stop for death, death is being personified as a real person who someone can meet. Death is also personified as the woman’s date or friend who is taking her out for a ride in the carriage.

Birches by Robert Frost

When I see birches bend from left and right

In the sentence: When I see birches bend from left and right. Birches ben is rhyming and the alliteration in this sentence, but it also gives the poem a little bit of differentness from other poems with out rhyming or alliteration.

Stopping by woods on a snowy evening
By Robert Frost

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.

In this poem stopping by woods on a snowy evening the speaker uses imagery to describes the woods, so that a person who doesn’t know how the woods look like can see them. After hearing the poem the person knows how the woods look like.

Internal Rhyme
Stopping by woods on a snowy evening By Robert Frost
Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though

In this poem the internal rhyme is used to make it sound not so like standard stories in books. It makes the reader think about, what the speaker meant or if he really would said that .

I'se been a-climbin' on,
And reachin' landin's

Apostrophes are in poems or in books needed because it is shorting the sentences and it is needed for long and colloquialisms poems that are maybe based on a real story. It gives the reader the feeling that maybe he could be in the poem or anybody else.


Foul shot by Edwin A. Hoey
And two seconds hanging on the clock

When the poet Edwin A. Hoey wrote that there are only two seconds hanging on the wall he meant that in two seconds the game would end. And in this poem about the boy who has to make the shot, it makes the reader feel that he is live in the arena and can feel the stress of the boy. Because he has to make the shot that his team could win.


The pied piper
by Robert browning

The shrill noise of his pipe as being enchanting to the rats of different sizes that the piper led out of the town.

In the poem the pied piper are noises that you normally can’t hear because the poem is written, but with onomatopoeia is the writer writing words that you would hear when it is a movie or something you hear.

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