Poetry and Color

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Poetry and color
Thesis Statement:
The poets who lived in different countries and periods are influenced by their historic environment that results in various ways of using colour terms in their poetry.

The use of color terms in poetry results in diverse color visions to readers. There are various methods of using color terms in poetry because the poets who lived in different countries and periods are influenced by their historic environment. For instance, Elizabethan era and Victorian era made a difference among the applications of color terms in English poetry. Biblical and chivalrous symbolism in Renaissance lead to French poets focused on pure white words. Ancient Greek poetry had frequent use of dark color words that due to the influence of Trojan War. Color words in Canadian poetry rely on the Canadian aesthetic development. Therefore, different historic environment lead to the consequence of various uses color terms in poetry.

Elizabethan era and Victorian era are two crucial periods for the developments of English poetry, which had two kinds of applications of color terms. For instance, William Shakespeare lived in Elizabethan era, whose color-emphasis was on human, because the poets who lived in this period were influenced by humanity. (A.E. (Pratt, 1898) Thus, there are more color terms to describe human in Shakespeare’s poems. However, in the Victorian era, the poet such as John Keats was focus on Nature study, which resulted in his color-emphasis shifted from man to nature (A.E. (Pratt, 1898). Therefore, the two different periods led to English poets have various uses of color terms in their poems.

French poets who lived in Renaissance are influenced by biblical and chivalrous symbolisms that lead to the use of pure white words in poetry. For example, Ronsard is one of the French poets of the fifteenth century. In his poems, white is the most “spiritual” color that associated almost always with...

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