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Poetry (>^~^)> keep out

1. Sabrina's Corner - 2012
-Alone in a dark room,
-Every entity has left me here.
-The door is barred by a broom,
-Belonging to the witch who sealed my fait.

-Curled into a ball
-Knees to my chest, back against the wall.
-This is my only protection.
-Although the only breath I hear is my own,
-I'm reminded I'm not yet alone.

-Lingering above me is the everlasting pressure,
-That makes my body wrack with sobs.
-Cut, it whispers,
-The foul word drips with a venom even snakes envy.
-It swirls around me,
-Taking in the sight of the cowardly abomination that is me.

-This may not be a pleasurable presence,
-But at least I'm not abandoned.
-Detached from all beings, this empty feeling must be my sole purpose.
2. Time bomb - 2014

-You're like a time bomb
-Ticking endlessly
-She's waiting for you to explode
-Stabbing her with the millions of scattered pieces you'll have broken into -It's only a matter of time
-As she watches you fading
-You're falling apart before her eyes
-and she is trying desperately to do
-what all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't
-But she can't change the past
-She can't undo what's already been done
-She can't take back their venomous words
-Or somehow make you forget all the pain you endured
-Because even if she drives them away
-you are still your own worst enemy
-And the monsters outside
-Are nothing compared to those in your mind
-The paint of your resilience is chipping away
-And you're clutching to your blade more desperately than before -Her pleas and promises are falling on deaf ears
-And sometimes she wonders if all this sorrow is worth
-the happiness she feels
-When she's holding your hand
-But then she remembers the girl
-Who, at only fifteen
-Was going to take her life
-And she was clutching just as desperately to that knife
-but you saved her
-And you've been saving her ever since
-She saw a light in your eyes, there was nothing left to fear -And now helplessly
-She watches it disappear
-She wants to be the savior, that you are to her
-But no matter how hopeful she seems
-She's optimistic in vain
-You say she can't make you happy, she can't end the pain
-She speaks wistfully of future plans
-She wishes on a star
-Words turn into razors
-You say you don't plan on making it that far
-But she still loves you just the way you are
-And like a time bomb would
-You'll explode
-destroying everything in your path
-And when you do
-She'll have nothing left
-Suicide is such a shitty thing to expect


3. Thunderstorm - 2014

-You taught me how to count beautifully
-The seconds between
-Thunder and lightning
-As it shook the foundation of our world
-You taught me
-Not to be afraid
-But baby there is a thunderstorm
-Raging on outside
-But I can only count
-The days since you
-All because
-Of me


4. How to destroy an infection - 2014

I need someone
To help me get rid of these feelings
The feeling that
I'm disgusting
But I've come to realize that
No one can get rid of them
No one
They're a part of me
And the only way to destroy the infection
Is to attack at the root

5. Sixty percent deadly - 2014

Humans are approximately
Sixty percent water
Because, you see
We are all oceans
We slip our fingertips in
To test the waters
To see if these people will love us
Love you
For you have forgotten
As you always do when you are
Blinded & confused as sweet liquid
Fills your lungs
You're drowning
Drowning in someone else
But you are not the victim
You are the villain
Have you forgotten, Sabrina?
You are a plague
A reckless force of evil
You create hurricanes with
Your words
Typhoons with
Your actions
Yet still you dip your fingertips in
Slowly being swallowed
In bittersweet and forgetful bliss
As you kill...
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