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Different Approaches to Romantic Poetry
Practical Analysis

1- Introduction
For passion or profession, for hobby or obligation, for delight or duty, for this reason or another, one takes his pen and devotes few minutes he steals from time to trace expressive words on paper. I am among many, in ruptures about literature and this study day comes as a golden opportunity to show how much my fancy is caught and how far my love is increased when the heart excitingly beats and the feeling increasingly grow, to ask the self to enjoy a travel by means of distinct words along the path of different ideas for the sake of a visit to some parts of poetical world. Two enquiries draw our attention: which approach to adopt to clear up an idea in mind about this or that line from a poem mostly sounding melodious nevertheless its grasping is a difficult experience that represents a real challenge for most of us?, the second is that criticism with all its schools and theories is a helpful tool to manage in a way or another interpretation and then appreciation of the piece of poetry; but does it with all its complexities dull the meaning, and obstruct any attempt to get it. If so, it gives a tedious attempt to elucidate clumsy verses and anything that is unclear is involuntarily unlovable and of course unrewarding. 2- Poetry and Criticism

It is almost admitted that the poem is an elevated thought expressed in a beautiful way to rouse the emotion and mind of the reader, listener or the poet himself. However it is not usually easy to define a poem if you link any perception of it to Criticism Traditionalists for example do not recognize the talent of any poet unless he can have the capacity to visualize any particularity as universal, any specific to more general and any momentary to eternal; besides he has to have the art to transmit the message of his poem intelligibly to others arousing by that their emotions and stirring up their minds.

Joseph Conrad once said that his...
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