Poetrie's Insight Into Human Behaviour

Topics: Poetry, Human behavior, Behavior Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: October 9, 2008
Poetry can provide the reader with an insight into human behavior and relationships, utilizing various poetic techniques to achieve this. Two poems, An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow by Les Murray and In the Park by Gwen Harwood, are examples of poems that make use of techniques to give an observation on human behavior and relationships. The two poems differ from each other in subject matter and the way they comment on human behavior. An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow deals with expression of emotion whereas In The Park provides insight into society’s view of stereotypes, in this case, mother’s. However, both poems do comment on changes of circumstance and the way humans in society hide their true feelings. Both of the poems use strong subject matters and stories as well as techniques that include imagery and rhythm to give an insight into the behavior of humans.

An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow provides an insight into the expression of emotion, and the want for humans to convey their feelings in a society that shuns such emotional expressions. The poem is set in Sydney on busy day that has been disturbed by the weeping of a single man. Repetition is used to enhance the fact that, “No one can stop him,”, as the Narrator describes. It becomes apparent that the reason his crying is not stopped is simply because of the way he cries, not with shame or pity, but with a mature dignity that stops any one from stopping him. The next few stanzas of the poem describe the awe, and even reverence that the observers feel towards this man’s weeping. The narrator describes how the crowd feels, “their minds/longing for tears as children for a rainbow,” describing how their fears of expressing emotion are now realized. This poem provides the insight into emotional expression by describing the feelings that the people feel when they are struck with realization of the loss of emotion in modern society.

The poem An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow also deals with the social aspect of...
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