Poetical Analysis of "The Kite" by Wyatt Prunty (1982)

Topics: Poetry, Aesthetics, Sky Pages: 3 (1217 words) Published: May 25, 2006
The Kite

by Wyatt Prunty, 1982

The poem The Kite by Wyatt Prunty is a poem about a boy playing with a kite, although he is not the speaker in the poem. The actual speaker in the poem is a third person character that does not identify themselves, but seems to be an observer of this boy and his kite. The speaker seems to have a positive attitude about the boy, but mostly describes the kite with little emphasis on his own personal attitude while mostly describing what he observes. Although the speaker never directly addresses the boy or the kite, it seems as if the speaker is watching the boy and that they are at the same park or field. This poem demonstrates the beauty of the kite and gives new insight to flying a kite, a seemingly simple toy for children.

The purpose of this poem is expressive as well as aesthetic. The poem expresses beautifully the image of the boy flying his kite.

The sound patterns used in the poem are not very obvious as it does not rhyme nor does it have a lot of obvious alliteration. By using four lines in each stanza the poem follows some kind of format that serves an aesthetic purpose. There is an example of synaesthesia in line 9: "From liquid wrist the string dissolves into its length" because it takes the visual image of the string extending into the sky and applies the sensory feeling of liquid.

Each stanza in this poem makes an entire sentence, so each sentence is fairly complex; however each stanza seems to have its own theme and makes a complete thought. This poem is not too different from everyday speech because it is in sentences, but it definitely goes into more detail than I would expect from the average person.

There are some interesting synecdoches used in the poem, for example line 14 refers to the sky as "haze and blue", and applies the image of only one aspect of the sky and uses it to describe the whole sky. The images in the poem are very vivid, the reader can imagine the...
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