Poet and Historian..Why They Different

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Before Finding Any Differences We Should At Least have A knowledge about what A Poet and Historians are..!! As History is D Study Of Past
An Historian…
An historian is an individual who studies and writes about history, and is regarded as an authority on it. Historians are concerned with the continuous, methodical narrative and research of past events as relating to the human race; as well as the study of all events in time. If the individual is concerned with events preceding written history, the individual is a historian of prehistory. Although "historian" can be used to describe amateur and professional historians alike, it is reserved more recently for those who have acquired graduate degrees in the discipline. Some historians, though, are recognized by equivalent training and experience in the field. "Historian" became a professional occupation in the late nineteenth century at roughly the same time that physicians also set standards for who could enter the field. For-

Ram Sharan Sharma…Indian Historian
Satyabrata Chodwari…Indian Historian
Richard Bushman…American Colonial

A Peot…
A poet is a person who writes poetry whereas poetess is a woman. A poet's work can be literal, meaning that his work is derived from a specific event, or metaphorical, meaning that his work can take on many meanings and forms. Poets have existed since antiquity, in nearly all languages, and have produced works that vary greatly in different cultures and time periods. Throughout each civilization and language, poets have used various styles that have changed through the course of literary history, resulting in a history of poets as diverse as the literature they have produced.

Difference between A Poet And A Historian …!!
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